Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Spreading Tentacles of Dume.

I see Jessica's Trap is now available for the Nook E-reader as well as the Kindle.

So is Fears of the Old and the New.

I have been busy. Aside from the print and PDF versions of Fears of the Old and the New and Dark Thoughts and Demons, I already had Fears on Smashwords but they were taking an interminable time to put it on Kindle, so I opted out and did it myself.

Then I put Dark Thoughts on Kindle and wasn't going to bother with Smashwords - until I noticed that Fears had sales through both Sony and Kobo E-stores. Not very many, but considering I hadn't thought to even mention its presence on those stores, I'm surprised there were any at all.

So Dark Thoughts is now also available on Smashwords (opting out of Kindle distribution again because I've already done that) in a whole range of electronic formats. With luck it will spread into the ether like its predecessor with little to no further effort on my part.

The tentacles of Dume spread ever wider and it's not over yet. I can now put out a free short story or two with ads for these three books in the back. Oh, and write more, naturally.

Ah, but there are distractions. The Horror Zine has another issue out, I am halfway through reading What Fears Become and there is another book for review on the way. No matter, it has become unsafe to sleep too much lately anyway.

Caligula's birthday approaches and I suspect that the present he wants is blood. Some of mine. I need my blood. I'm using it myself.

To write stories.

You just can't get the right atmosphere with ink.

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