Thursday, 15 September 2011

Another collection complete.

Here it is at last. I won't be doing another collection for a while because I have novels to deal with and must concentrate on those. The collection prices are set low because they are, essentially, primers. Little stories to get you in the mood.

I self-publish the collections because it's hard to sell such things to publishers until after you have a few novels out. Which reminds me, it's time to nag about that query for Samuel's Girl.

This one contains stories that are nastier than those in the first collection so I included my gentlest ever ghost story at the start. I don't want to scare away readers on page one.

So far, it's available as print and PDF on Lulu. Not yet on the Amazon Kindle but I'm working on that. It could take a little while.

Right. Now real life can resume for a few days before the novel-writing starts again. Time to let the head-clamp scars heal up and remove the staples that have been holding me to this seat.

Only for a few days. There are many more words to write.

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