Saturday, 17 September 2011

Navigating the Amazon.

I have managed to shoehorn both Fears of the Old and the New and the new collection, Dark Thoughts and Demons, onto Kindle. It wasn't easy but I think it will get easier with practice.

What this means is that if you search Amazon for my writing avatar, H K Hillman, you will find three books rather than just one.

If you prefer print copies, both those collections are available on There is already a print version of Jessica's Trap on Amazon but the collections aren't listed as print copies there. Yet.

I still have Fears of the Old and the New on Smashwords in a  variety of formats, but they never managed to upload it to Kindle so I turned off that option on Smashwords and sent it to Kindle myself. I have no idea why Smashwords can't do it, but they can't.

Now I think a celebration is in order. I have defeated Red Stan's technology demons once again.

I have a feeling they'll be back.

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