Monday, 26 September 2011

A free story.

This little tale is available free on Smashwords in a variety of formats. Not in print, it's too small to be worth the effort, but in any electronic format you like. I put it on Kindle but can't make it free there but no matter, Smashwords does that .mobi format too.

Free. My favourite price and, I suspect, everyone else's too.

Get it now. It's too late to avoid it, the cow has seen you and it's coming...

Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Spreading Tentacles of Dume.

I see Jessica's Trap is now available for the Nook E-reader as well as the Kindle.

So is Fears of the Old and the New.

I have been busy. Aside from the print and PDF versions of Fears of the Old and the New and Dark Thoughts and Demons, I already had Fears on Smashwords but they were taking an interminable time to put it on Kindle, so I opted out and did it myself.

Then I put Dark Thoughts on Kindle and wasn't going to bother with Smashwords - until I noticed that Fears had sales through both Sony and Kobo E-stores. Not very many, but considering I hadn't thought to even mention its presence on those stores, I'm surprised there were any at all.

So Dark Thoughts is now also available on Smashwords (opting out of Kindle distribution again because I've already done that) in a whole range of electronic formats. With luck it will spread into the ether like its predecessor with little to no further effort on my part.

The tentacles of Dume spread ever wider and it's not over yet. I can now put out a free short story or two with ads for these three books in the back. Oh, and write more, naturally.

Ah, but there are distractions. The Horror Zine has another issue out, I am halfway through reading What Fears Become and there is another book for review on the way. No matter, it has become unsafe to sleep too much lately anyway.

Caligula's birthday approaches and I suspect that the present he wants is blood. Some of mine. I need my blood. I'm using it myself.

To write stories.

You just can't get the right atmosphere with ink.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A review for Dark Thoughts.

I am stunned, and this time it wasn't due to Caligula's inventive use of a flat-iron and a large piece of elastic.

It has only been a few days since I put those two collections on Amazon and already there is a review in place for 'Dark Thoughts and Demons' on the American site. No sign of a review on the UK site yet, but the British are not renowned for giving reviews unless there is something to complain about.

I am, therefore, pleasantly stunned, in contrast to being unpleasantly stunned as with Caligula's version.

Well, better get the head-clamp and the chair-staples and get some more written. It seems someone out there likes my stories.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Navigating the Amazon.

I have managed to shoehorn both Fears of the Old and the New and the new collection, Dark Thoughts and Demons, onto Kindle. It wasn't easy but I think it will get easier with practice.

What this means is that if you search Amazon for my writing avatar, H K Hillman, you will find three books rather than just one.

If you prefer print copies, both those collections are available on There is already a print version of Jessica's Trap on Amazon but the collections aren't listed as print copies there. Yet.

I still have Fears of the Old and the New on Smashwords in a  variety of formats, but they never managed to upload it to Kindle so I turned off that option on Smashwords and sent it to Kindle myself. I have no idea why Smashwords can't do it, but they can't.

Now I think a celebration is in order. I have defeated Red Stan's technology demons once again.

I have a feeling they'll be back.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Another collection complete.

Here it is at last. I won't be doing another collection for a while because I have novels to deal with and must concentrate on those. The collection prices are set low because they are, essentially, primers. Little stories to get you in the mood.

I self-publish the collections because it's hard to sell such things to publishers until after you have a few novels out. Which reminds me, it's time to nag about that query for Samuel's Girl.

This one contains stories that are nastier than those in the first collection so I included my gentlest ever ghost story at the start. I don't want to scare away readers on page one.

So far, it's available as print and PDF on Lulu. Not yet on the Amazon Kindle but I'm working on that. It could take a little while.

Right. Now real life can resume for a few days before the novel-writing starts again. Time to let the head-clamp scars heal up and remove the staples that have been holding me to this seat.

Only for a few days. There are many more words to write.