Thursday, 4 November 2010

Book signings.

I have around six months to figure out how they work and how to set one up.

I'm told it can be like throwing a party when nobody comes. Well that's no problem. I have often thrown parties when nobody comes. I have often sat in silent Dume parties and stared at the pile of invitations Senga spent so long writing and wondered if perhaps I should have posted them. An open fire hides a multitude of forgotten postings, and the cost of stamps would have made the party an economic disaster anyway.

The April deadline is now absolute. Jessica's Trap opens on April 30th, 1647 and the book release is scheduled for April 7th, 2011. That's the electronic version. The paper version takes a couple more weeks but it has to be available by Beltane Eve and I can't mess that up because I have spent money on advertising that depends on it.

Maybe I'll get my ex-assistant, Stumpy, to stand in for the book signings. He likes people and he doesn't seem to scare them away quite so comprehensively as do I.

This marketing thing is new to me, but it does look like fun. Especially when someone who knows about graphics is doing the images. All I need now is worldwide dispersal and that's where Stumpy comes in.

He'll talk to anyone.


Rob G said...

Are there any conventions in your area that you might secure a guest writer spot at?

SFFH clubs to network through?

The important thing is to find a way to get your name out to your target audience.

Easier said than done, but essential.

Rob G - Write On Doc

Dr. Dume said...

No clubs or conventions that I am aware of. I do know a few odd people, one is an amateur film maker and another has a show on local radio.

I could do a radio interview. I have the perfect face for radio.