Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Phase 2 again.

I had a request for the full manuscript of 'Samuel's Girl' last night. The publisher can still say 'no' at this stage but I have all my fingers crossed. I had to rescue some from Caligula's toy box, those are a little bit chewed at the ends but every little helps.

So the second novel has reached phase two. I have the third almost ready to go into phase one, submission, so I'd better concentrate on that while I wait to hear about 'Samuel's Girl'. I don't want to leave such a long gap between submissions this time.

There's something about the amount of work that goes into a novel that puts me off the self-publishing route. I think they work best with a professional cover and after the attentions of a professional editor. Short stories are easy to self-edit but novels are almost impossible.

For the moment at least, short stories will go the self-publishing route and novels go through the traditional route.

This means I'll have to work harder on that writing website. Soon I'll need separate pages for each publishing method.


Shades said...

That's never your picture in that Horrorzine, Legiron?

Dr. Dume said...

Where else would it be?