Wednesday, 4 May 2011

That heart-stopping moment.

I have just pressed 'send' on the submission of Samuel's Girl. This one is my precioussss, my most complex and intricate story ever. Each little detail has a place, every tiny action has a consequence. As Demdike says in 'Jessica's Trap', small things matter.

I have never had the nerve to send it anywhere before. By comparison, even the severe biological logic of Victor's Will or the twisted and complex world of Ghosthunters are mere fireside tales. Well, it's off now, and it will be some months before I hear 'maybe' or 'nay' so all I can do is write the next one.

The query letter took a lot of time. It had to. It had to be as good as, if not better than the actual story because no matter how great your novel, no matter if it's the next 'War and Peace' or the next 'Lord of the Rings', if the cover letter is rubbish nobody will ever read the sample chapters.

Should it be accepted and subsequently appear in print and pixels, I will have a competition to see who was paying attention. I will want to know exactly what and who was ultimately responsible for the demon's second kill and hint - it's not the demon. Nobody in the book ever works it out but one line, one little line gives it away to the attentive reader.

That is a long way away. Longer if the publisher decides it's not for them. It is, however, a promise. There will, one day, be such a competition.

As for me, I have a full first draft of Norman's House here, just waiting to be made into something submittable.

Is 'submittable' a word?

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