Saturday, 7 May 2011

Getting to grips with marketing.

I have been surprised at the demand for signed copies of Jessica's Trap. Maybe they think it will be valuable when I die. That would explain why Caligula has stored away a whole box of signed copies.

It occurred to me that the little book of terror I have been giving away as an advertisement (free download, I can't make the print one free) has so far only been used to get my writing name more commonly known. It did not mention Jessica's Trap at all. That has now been rectified with a 'by the same author' page in the back with a link to the Eternal Press website.

Meanwhile, I have been in communication with the graphic artist who created that wonderful cover for a poster design. So inspired by contact with an artistic mind, I meddled with the cover of 'Fears of the Old and the New' myself. That has now changed too. It's not in the same league but it does look better.

I notice Caligula has salted away a few copies of the old 'blue sky' version of that book too. I'll have to be careful. If he is storing rarities that might become valuable when I die, he will expect to cash them in quite soon.

He's not a patient child, but he can be a particularly violent one.

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