Monday, 31 January 2011

Crouching writer, hidden author.

I have considered becoming a reclusive author but decided against it. There are successful reclusive authors - Iain Banks comes to mind - but it's a difficult route.

You can't sell books if nobody ever hears of you. Being a recluse is all very fine and pleasant and saves all that socialising nonsense. It means you can be unshaven for days and go around looking like something the cat would, given the chance, drag back out. You can mutter to yourself and giggle for no obvious reason. You can write from dusk 'til dawn but if nobody knows who you are, they aren't going to buy your books.

The reclusive author idea must therefore be shelved until there are a few books in circulation. Then I can hide away and snarl at the approach of visitors.

Until then, I have to at least give the appearance of being a sociable creature. I hereby promise not to attempt to eat anyone who approaches me at a book signing, not even nibble at their fingers. Which reminds me, I must arrange posters for the purpose. The print version of Jessica's Trap should be available in late April, so it's time to start on the posters.

If I can get half as far as the accolades just handed out to The Horror Zine, I will be delighted.

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