Friday, 19 August 2011

Reading and writing.

It has been a busy time here. Senga demanded a holiday, which I thought was a great idea until she made it clear I was to go as well. So we went on holiday, she did holiday things, Caligula ate holiday food and one or two holidaymakers, I took a book to read and one to write.

My reading material was the delightfully apocalyptic 'Snareville', while my writing material consisted of two stories, one about dust and another about rain. I like to have more than one story in process at a time in case one of them gets stuck.

There have been several items for review recently. Continuing the zombie theme, Dr. Austin's Zombie Science 1z is a manual, not a story, and one that could prove useful in the event of zombie invasion. Also a fim, 'Inhabitant', which has that blend of horror and SF I like so much.

Now I have a copy of a book, not for formal review but I'll tell you about it when it's done. There are names in 'What Fears Become' that I am not worthy to review but I'm going to anyway.

It's safe enough. They don't know where I live.

Meanwhile, I have a second collection almost ready to go. If I can just unstick one of the stories...

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