Friday, 8 July 2011

Another one done.

I have completed the follow-up story to Jessica's Trap.

Well, I say 'completed'. I have written it, made the 'utter nonsense removal' pass, the 'sort out random format' pass, the 'find the spelling and grammar mistakes' pass, the 'make sure it's both internally consistent and also consistent with the earlier story' pass and now I am sick of it. So I'll get some printed up and pass them to others to read.

I have other books to write in the meantime. So far, I have not heard about 'Samuel's Girl' but it won't be time to enquire until the end of July so that can wait.

There's the nearly-done zombie story but I'm not in a zombie mood. I have an idea for a water-based creature and browsing through the Key of Solomon, I think I've found something that would fit.

I'm also learning, slowly, about marketing. I might try self-publishing one of these next stories and see how well I can do on my own.

Has to be worth a try.

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