Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Aniseed Hump.

I have work to do. Jessica's Trap is now on its absolute, final, very last chance page proofs. From here it goes to print so any errors left in it after this pass will be in the final version forever. I have one week - well, six days now - to check every comma and every quote mark.

So, naturally, I have been procrastinating. I came across a site that generates anagrams and a great deal of fun it is too. What's unnerving is the way it throws up anagrams that relate to your name.

When I type in the letters of my name - PhineasDume - it comes up with 13,354 anagrams. Most are nonsense but I was particularly struck by 'Pinhead Muse'. Considering that I found it when I was supposed to be working on this book, it seemed most appropriate.

For Senga it came up with Aged Menus and Mange Used, which leads me to suspect the program was written by someone who has sampled her cooking.

Little Caligula, too, generated some appropriate anagrams. A Lad cum Guile, or Ace Maul Guild among them.

I don't think I'll tell the Professor about this. He won't be happy, because the first on his list is hardly complimentary.

Even if, at times, it seems accurate.

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